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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Penn State-Nebraska Was More Than a Game - Onward State

Penn State-Nebraska Was More Than a Game - Onward State: "moment was one of many experienced. The players holding hands as they took the field, Tom Bradley introducing himself to students, the incredibly loud “We Are” chants, and the symbolic prayer circle before kick all offer moving memories. Maybe the important part of the day is that all of the heartfelt feelings were shared by the 107,903 in attendance.For one Saturday in Beaver Stadium, it wasn’t about winning or losing, it wasn’t about Joe Paterno, and it wasn’t even about football; it was about coming together as one.

Some have publicly voiced that this game shouldn’t have been played. What good would that have done? Frankly, the sense of harmony amongst athletes, students, and alumni that this athletic contest provided made it much more than a football game, it made for a national spectacle"

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