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Thursday, November 3, 2011

AMERICA TODAY: Young And Homeless In New York City

AMERICA TODAY: Young And Homeless In New York City: "hey're folding their blankets when another local homeless man, Jacob, walks up and says good morning. They've already mentioned Jacob to me. He's an alcoholic, and he can't go long without alcohol or he has seizures. He's mad because someone woke him up asking for vodka.
"Of course, I have five bottles," he says pulling out a pint of Popov vodka. "But I don't want to be handing them out while I'm asleep."
The four of us head to 'Needle Park,' a wedge of bricks and benches between Broadway and Amsterdam made famous in the 1971 Al Pacino film The Panic In Needle Park.
"Cheerio" is someone else I've heard about. He's already there wearing rainbow socks and skinny jeans rolled up to the knees. He's homeless, but recently came into a $65,000 inheritance that's allowed him to provide for others in the group."

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