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Sunday, November 27, 2011

My paradigm - My paradigm

My paradigm - My paradigm: "
But what is a paradigm you ask? A paradigm is the universe and everything in it as you see it. It is the sum of all your beliefs as

well as your interpretations of any facts and experience you come across. From your favourite colour and your reasons why you think Pepsi is better then Coca-Cola, to your views on religion science and philosophy, all of it is part of your paradigm. It's all your personal truth. Now, you might be thinking, "My personal truth? But isn't there only one real truth?". Yes, exactly, but people seem to disagree on what that unique universal truth actually is. That's what makes your paradigm your personal truth. In other words, speaking in terms of paradigms is a sort of neutral starting position where it is yet unclear which person -if any- is right."

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