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Friday, November 18, 2011

Just A Quick Comment

I believe the current broadcasts on last nights news, show that that New York City and the Mayor clearly have not handled this thing correctly.

The patriotic part of me does not even want to try to find and display those videos that were shown of a young kid and a bloody head. There is no doubt amongst most of the people (the 99%) that there is the corrupt element that controls so much of what goes on behind closed committee doors where the real political decisions are made.

Some how reaching out to these clearly disgruntled United States citizens in the manor which has been shown, and hurting and arresting people who obviously feel that their concerns are not being taken seriously!

In the end, the way the New York City police are handling (or manhandling) these concerned citizens is making the great city of New York, look like just another third world nation. I need to stop here, I do have a photo in mind, although probably not what you are expecting.

I believe the take home message of the protesters who are now being made, and yes pushed to look like rioters is this. We the people are not as stupid as the current wave of politicians believe. You cant just keep coming up with the same rhetoric around elections time and then consistently and unrepentantly throw the rights and the values if the middle class and lower middle class under the buss at ever single turn merely to earn the advertising dollars which the politicians require to keep their jobs.

 In my humble opinion there were two major turning points where the US made errors of the gravest nature. One of these I wrote about extensively back in my first website, which rather than linking here, I will recreate from an archive later.

The more recent one was the Bank bailout. The recent the bailout was so distasteful to everyone who understood it, was that it under-minded some of the essential components of democracy in the United States, as understood by the rank and file, the people that you see on the buses in the subways, and the diners.

The United States has been believed to always operate under democratic values. When the population of the United States, saw politicians so easily and without hesitation take out some other doctrine that no one really understood, and utilize this to endorse the new roll of the US Government, where it effectively concerned itself with the needs of Big Business, Financial Corporations, Banks and Savings and Loan Companies, as well as the US Auto Industry, a new paradigm went into effect.

It is a bit complex to explain, however I will do what I can, to explain either here, or elsewhere on one our other affiliated websites.

The idea is that in a good and wholesome way Americans expect fairness, we do not believe in applying a different set of rule books depending on who you are dealing with. Bailing out Big Business, and then cutting back on social programs, when Big Business wisely imports most of its jobs and manufacturing to other countries.

While I grant you that many Americans do oppose excessive governmental regulation, and being wasteful with the money collected from taxpaying citizens, that also are sophisticated enough to clearly see how the heavy hand of the oil lobby, and short sighted quick fix legislation, is always engineered to benefit specific corporate concerns.

We already know that the tail wags the dog!

We no longer accept the concept of the Trickle Down theory (except in its basest and most graphic sense where trickle is most commonly used, and in this picture the trickle is not very sweet as it issues forth from the wealthy and politically connected in full technicolor and falling sparingly and annoyingly upon the workers in their dark grey garb, lurking in the dark trenches), yet the American is eternally optimistic. 

Now I must say my theories on the current economic collapse borrow more from the fields of biology than economics, and it foes like this.

The current paradigm for a successful business is the model of the Big Business. Don't be fooled by the special "buy small" black friday ads, the idea is such the epitome of too little too late. Every thing counts in large amounts is what powers Wall Street. Anyone with common sense gets that. what goes up must come down. Yet the spoiled brats on Wall Street have to always have to have everything going up. Dividends, real estate values, money markets, long term investments. 

The true American Way has become only a dim memory. Everyone gets that the big boys at the big companies endlessly manipulate the playing field only to fatten their own wallets. 

While the true believers of the eternal principles of democracy and fundamental believers in the American Way, still believe:

" that anyone with good ideas, and well though out plan, can start a venture, or run for political office, or write a book, or buy a house, or go to college, get a good job, buy a nice car, live debt free, go on enjoyable vacations, and overall have a nice life,  "
 Have taken to the streets...getting their heads bashed in by New York City's finest. 

While the real controllers of the economy who always dress well, eat in the finest restaurants, are having cocktails and Hor'deOvers with the politician of their choice deciding on their strategy for the 2012 fiscal year. 
In truth it's really not much different then we have seen in the rest of the world. People are having to choose between food, or clothing or gas. While large companies are figuring out how to keep profits high by planning ways to subsidize diapers for welfare mothers. 

From the simple biological perspective I mentioned before, the top carnivores of the ecosystem have already clear cut every single market niche which they used to so effectively dominate. Now since these TC's can longer feed on who they truly see as their inferiors (the lower,middle and upper middle classes) they are truly going to have to go after each other. 

If you try to tell a TC (Top Carnivore) that they are going to have to cut back, tighten their belts and live on less, they will look at you like your insane and be sure to mobilize the machinery that will either make sure you do not get re-elected or otherwise do whatever they have to do to ruin your life.

   Perhaps the simple take home message from the people on the street is this. 

We are mad as hell, and we are not going to take it. 

It seems that the US political and monetary system is so fundamentally flawed as if potentially irreparable. So what else can the disenfranchised do but take to the streets. When the mayor of NYC, decided to move against this small group of then peaceful protestors he inadvertently set off some very powerful forces.
These are exciting times we live in. Support your local businessman or struggling entrepreneur for they are our future the era of the large multi-national corporation has come to an end because they have already consumed all the available resources that they need to sustain their current growth. That my friends is the latest Paradigm-Shift.


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