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Thursday, November 3, 2011

AMERICA TODAY: Young And Homeless In New York City

AMERICA TODAY: Young And Homeless In New York City: ""Cheerio" is someone else I've heard about. He's already there wearing rainbow socks and skinny jeans rolled up to the knees. He's homeless, but recently came into a $65,000 inheritance that's allowed him to provide for others in the group. He bought Scott, Jacob, and Whitney new boots for winter, took them to see Steve Miller at the Beacon, and slips panhandlers hundred-dollar bills when the mood strikes him.
It's rumored that he's down to 40-grand. Scott figures it's much less.
Scott and Whitney have both tried staying in city shelters, although they're forced to split up. Whitney got beaten up and robbed. Scott was robbed once and picked up lice the second time. Now, they alternate sleeping between the church and a spot in the park beneath a pine tree.
They go to Scott's mom's about every six weeks, as much as she allows.
"She's a recovering alcoholic," Scott explains. "My dad's broke and lives in the Bronx. They have their own issues."
Whitney's dad is dead, and her mom doesn't know she's homeless."

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