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Monday, November 14, 2011

ASP Web Hosting and Classic ASP Hosting

ASP Web Hosting and Classic ASP Hosting: "ffers a faster speed in being able to load web pages, customers will want to go to your site because it will only take them seconds before they get to the information that they need.
%u2022 Unlimited disc space, you can opt to request for as much disc space you need, mind you the service is not for free so if you wish to increase space there might be an additional cost however it is possible
1. Unlimited knowledge base, since the web hosting system was created by Microsoft for Windows they have their own knowledge base you can check for any concerns and they have their own support system of technical support specialist who can help you
2. Offering interactive tools to customers, you can create blogs or forums and even a discussion board for your customers so they can leave feedback or review about your products or service. This is a good way to build your business as customers feedback can improve business profits"

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