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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

TopCatHost: IP Daily.Biz: 2011-10-23

TopCatHost: IP Daily.Biz: 2011-10-23: "Apparently a few people have decided to capitalize on others people's ignorance. The utility works like this:

You enter the url of your website, or maybe a well known one and while you wait you see these little signs seemingly showing you that it is pulling parameters out of some actual authoritative set of values. Then it paints you some sort of "pretty graph" using results that typically have little basis in reality, and then displays some sort of number between say:

$583.00 (if your luck and it likes you) or perhaps even as high as $29,876.00 if it see's your website has many links and perhaps some sort of reasonable Alexa rating.

Naturally their marketing strategy is that you will be just so please to find out that your website is anything more than say $10 or $75.00, that you then happily grab their "little piece of code" and happily display it on your website along with its value""

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