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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Compatibility-WordPress, BlogSpot, Facebook

How to make your BlogSpot posts function every bit as well as a the perhaps "more powerful, yet possibly less convenient, WordPress- By Aharon Moshe Sanders- A question to be put into practice during a very busy Spring Season wrap-up.

Compatibility: WordPress with Blogspot- Importing Permalinks

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10:49 AM
Not everything is a problem, It is helpful to know the Parameters before importing or exporting

I am just hoping to hear some general explanation on this predicted compatibility question:


A)   There might indeed be a great deal of grabbing little snippets of allowable "Re-Publishing" of other people s blogs or original content. Such practices are definitely the way news or opinion is  
regularly shared on Facebook.

B) When it somes to links back to a someone else's website, that would be easily transferred but how about when transferring the images that may be selected via a link to the url where the image resides. It seems that the the image then gets re-assigned to a distinct "BlogSpot" url. Do these transfer should one decide to transfer a BlogSpot to a WordPress platform?

C) When I blog on WordPress it is very easy to create the little "blurb" summary that would get picked for example on a Facebook link, however (without a fair amount of working with cutting and pasting actual code into BlogSpot, the default merely picks up the original blog description and tells you nothing about the code. (Does BlogSpot plan an improved way to do this).

E) When I try to link a BlogSpot post on a Facebook page, the photo image used to get picked up, but now it seems this no longer works. Is there some setting on BlogSpot allowing for either a BlogSpot image (other than my profile pic) or is this somehow image placement or coding question

Compatibility, BlogSpot, WordPress, Facebook

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