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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Got Netbeans??? | Mediacurrent Blog Post

Got Netbeans??? | Mediacurrent Blog Post: "have the nickname of Bob “Netbeans” The Intern, since I was gullible enough to mention in my Florida Local Groups - Brevard blog that I had downloaded Netbeans IDE 7.1! John Learned was quick to inquire as to my use of Netbeans IDE 7.1 in a Drupal dev environment. Ahhhhhhhh, I’m learning the hard way not to expose my naivety so publicly! More on that, later! Okay, it’s been three weeks as a Mediacurrent Intern, and here’s the latest of my trials & tribulations. Since my previous blog recounting my first week as a Drupal Intern, I've tackled the arduous task of creating a development environment on my Windows laptop. Yes, you read, correctly!! I did say Windows!"

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