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Monday, January 2, 2012

Creative Licence » Blog Archive » The power of being (not) anonymous

Creative Licence » Blog Archive » The power of being (not) anonymous: "Vice Magazine caters to tragic youth across the world, serving up snarky fashion commentary, adventure journalism, creative profiling and at least for today, cuddly snow leopards. It used to be cool, but is rapidly becoming not so, thanks largely to my knowing about it and now putting down a form of words.

The comment streams under articles and their legendary Do’s & Don’t’s (caution, not always SFW) used to be a fine example of the internet at its callous, bigoted best. As users trolled each other for a reaction it almost always got offensive.

In the last few days, Vice has implemented a plugin that requires users to authenticate before they post a comment using facebook or another third party account."

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